Destination Weddings

Whether your wedding is out of state, in the Caribbean, Key West, or even on a cruise —we’ll travel there to document your special day.  Consider us your personal paparazzi! Many times, as part of their package, wedding planners will offer you their own photographers for Destination Weddings.  The most important day of your life takes planning and you shouldn’t have to meet your photographer for the first time on the day of your wedding.  A discriminating bride will bring her own.  (Please read Selina & Bo’s review.)

Whats the difference?

We spend time getting to know you and we find out whats important to YOU.  What you DON’T want in your wedding photography is just as important as what you DO!  Why pay for photographs that you didnt ask for?  No destination is out of the question.  Jeff has been traveling for business since 1994 and is an expert in the travel industry.  Not only can he handle flight issues such as cancellations and delays, he is on the ball when it comes to last minute changes.  Being travel savvy is a must when it comes to shooting a destination wedding.  We will arrive on site at least one day prior to your wedding in order to scope out the location in search of premium areas for photos and be well rested so we are ready to roll on Wedding Day.

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